Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hump Day Blather

This morning, being the most awesome daughter on the planet, took Mom to see the doctor. About five weeks ago, she attempted a new machine at the gym with a huge amount of weight. Without getting into too many details, she hurt her back. Since then, she's been seeing a chiropractor. Now, I don't usually have issues with chiropractors (I even dated one once), but I don't think all of life's mysteries can be solved with a quick adjustment. Oh sure, they may cure your infected ear, but you will have one leg shorter than the other.

After five weeks and her back not getting any better, she finally opted to go see a doctor. I referred her to my nurse practitioner. And still being the most awesome daughter on the planet, I picked her up from work and drove her there.

Funny how things are when you haven't been to see a doctor for a while. They will ply on all these routine tests that you should be getting, but haven't. Mom went in with a sore back, and came out with not only a prescription for pain meds, but also an appointments for a mammy-gram, MRI's for neck and shoulder, and a colonoscopy to be completed in the near future.

And I did what any most awesome daughter on the planet would do...I laughed sadistically.

After the doctor, or rather nurse, visit, we stopped in Riverside at some Chinese place for lunch. This place was next to a pet store, and that isn't usually a good thing. The place was busy though, and the food not bad, even if it had been Fluffy with the meaty hind leg. I meowed a couple times during one noticed.

I dropped Mom off at her office and began the soggy drive home. As an afterthought, I stopped by the Den of Iniquity and Cause of Moral Decay for a few other items for my costume. I haven't found replacement boots yet, but I've got a little over a week to think of something. Paul (ND!) is dying to know what my costume is. I told him he'd have to go to the Blogger Halloween Party to find out, but he claims he has to work.
Funny how he has to work whenever date opportunities present themselves.
Now, I am home. The rain is coming down like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Nothing to do but take a nap. Just a little one.
That sesame kitten is not sitting well on my stomach.


Erin said...

Could you find new boots at Off Broadway? Or Hot Topic?

Just a thought. Good luck in your search!

thepaintman said...

try the thrife stores

Spyder said...

There's a shoe place in the Ward Parkway shopping center. We saw some thigh high boots that were surely meant only for street walking.

Well Hell Michelle said...

And of course, Priscilla's has boots. Just had to throw my two cents in on this :) I can't wait to see your costume, and I will be taking pictures as evidence.

Jonathan said...

My Mom just had a colonoscopy last week. But where you took your sweet momma to her appointment, mine didn't even tell me about it.

I swear, if I don't call my parents every 2-3 days I get totally cut out of the "loop".

Seriously tho, glad you're getting your Mom fixed up!

N }:-